In what is a wonderful blend of the growing notion of a transient DC-to-LA population, east and west coast legal marijuana saturation and the next-era wave of digital culture, Takoma Park, MD native Loren Glass’ Fine Trees N Cuisine web series is not just #DCASFUCK, but may also be everything right about where pop culture’s headed next.

Somewhere between Action Bronson’s weed-and-food friendly Fuck, That’s Delicious program on upstart cable channel Viceland and Cypress Hill member B-Real’s BREALTV interview/smokeout series is Glass’ concept that blends, as the title states, a mix of Glass and pop culture icons smoking and eating well while having an on-camera conversation.

“”I’m interested in cooking shows. I think I’ve found a way to implement a mix of food, cannabis and music. My father’s cooking inspired me to learn more about food,” Glass says. He continues, “Takoma Park is also a very diverse area, so friends from Latin and African cultures, and their cuisines, inspired me too. Also there’s a major hippie influence out there, so there’s a lot of cannabis that’s introduced as well.”

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The entire first season of the program has been shot, and was filmed in California because of the ability to shoot marijuana usage. “California’s culture towards weed made shooting out there amazing. We had the wrap up event in February and it was also positive to get some of the DC folks in Cali out for it like Wale, Tabi Bonney, DJ Alizay and Phil Ade.”

Content development and quality control are everything in the online broadcasting industry, and Glass is certainly conscious of how he wants to develop his brand on both levels. “10-15 minutes is great for online content right now. We want to mix entertainment with education and then present a live performance from the artist we have on as a guest, which I think is the icing on the cake. I’d like to work with artists like DC’s Ras Nebyu and Keylow. On the national level, [Pop culture tastemaker] 40 oz. Van, [Fresh Off The Boat program inspiration and chef] Eddie Huang, Action Bronson and Grande Marshall interest me for the show.”

Regarding the program’s potential spread, the connection between food, music and weed feels like it’s easily the space that will create the force that could catapult Fine Trees N Cuisine to great renown. “People care about what they eat, and people care about cannabis culture. Both of these, and also music, create social situations where people can sit around and meet new friends. Who doesn’t like sitting around a big table, enjoying themselves and talking about life,” Glass says. Continuing when asked about the importance of the intersection of weed and food specifically, he also notes “We’re actually not consuming any cannabis in the food yet. We’re just smoking on camera, so regulated edibles will be important for the show! Scientific advancements in the edibles industry is removing a lot of the dark cloud that’s around cannabis in general.”

Glass closes the interview on a positive note. “The future in the cannabis industry overall is bright. Colorado, Seattle, I’ve been thinking about shooting in Las Vegas, even. When it comes to cannabis these days, there’s a ton of opportunities.”

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