This Saturday is Mischief presents: Cross-Pollination feat. Dubvirus, J Kanizzle, Paul Geddes, Raha Wala, Meegs and more! at Zeba Bar in Columbia Heights so we set up an interview with Kanizzle and Dubvirus to warm things up a bit. The Mischief crew always puts together GREAT events so needless to say we are stoked about this one as well. Check out the interview and come out in Saturday, it’s going to be a great night!

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So, we hear that both of you have history with the DC area. What can you tell our OLM readers about that?

Kanizzle – 14 years ago I moved here and was the first music director at XM Radio. I also was heavily involved with the DC underground Hip Hop scene which was at a high point, and started the first ever nationwide conscious/progressive hip hop show, called Subsoniq, on XM. I left in 2002 for some journeys on the left coast, and came back in 2007. A year and a half later, along with some friends (including Sequoia, who is also playing Saturday night) I started a motley crew of Burning Man freaks, party throwers, and chaos causers known as Mischief, the same crew hosting the party Saturday at Zeba. We threw legendary big immersive events full of fire and music and art, and really built a tight knit community around what we were doing. A couple years ago I was laid off from the behemoth that is known as Clearchannel, so I bid adieu and headed to the northern New Mexico desert….which is where I live now.

Dubvirus – DC was my first home out of college. I landed an entry level programming job which finally allowed me to begin my obsession of buying copious amounts of music gear for lots of money. At the time I was more into the industrial music scene, and experimented with producing more distorted and angsty sounds. After a few years of grinding at a desk I decided to switch coasts and pursue a career in music more fully.

We know you’re both dj’s, and playing this weekend at Zeba, but what about original productions?

Kanizzle – I’ve released 3 progressive hip hop albums, one of which was a super futuristic endeavour with Face from the legendary 3LG crew here in DC. Currently my partner in music and love, Jexime, and myself are about to unleash a slew of releases of psychedelic downtempo edm over the next few months under the name Subatomica. We actually just had a remix of one of Dubvirus’s songs come out on a compilation of his a couple weeks ago on Muti Music out of San Francisco. Our next big release is a remix comp of a song of ours called ‘Cloud Shadows’, which Dubvirus is on, as well as Sequoia….and also a near and dear friend of all three of ours…Mr. Jennings out of Richmond. We try to keep it all in the family!

Dubvirus – I’ve been writing original music for 15 years in varying forms. As Dubvirus I’ve put out 3 EPs as well as numerous free releases and remixes. I’m currently finishing up a release for the fall and shortly I’ll be starting a long overdue musical collaboration with my partner Lux Moderna.

Do you two know each other already, and if so, how?

Kanizzle – Yes, we have an illegitimate child together.

Dubvirus – As burners, we are family, but even outside of that Kanizzle has been a huge supporter of mine in the short time that I’ve known him. I owe a lot to him, including his continued help in making appearances on the East Coast <3 What should we expect from your performances this weekend? Kanizzle – I started out as a hip hop dj in the early 2000’s, and slowly made my way into bass music around 2007…..playing dubstep before Skrillex made it brostep. With that said, I’ve been heavy into the tropical bass vibe for the past few years. Expect a bunch of bass heavy moombahton, zouk, dancehall, and other island vibes. Definitely peep my ‘Live at Hookahdome’ set on my Soundcloud page to get a better idea.

Dubvirus – Expect the unexpected I suppose…I’m not even sure yet what will come out. You can count on it being melodic and engaging though, I’m going to try to leave a lasting impression. Among my newest original productions and my newest acquisitions from other artists, expect to hear music you’ve never heard before.

What’s your favorite album ever ever ever?

Kanizzle – Miles Davis, Bitches Brew

Dubvirus – NIN, The Fragile

What is the biggest driving force behind what you do?

Kanizzle – creating spaces that allow people to fully express themselves, and maybe find out a little part of themselves that they didn’t know existed. And world peace. And bacon.

Dubvirus – The clearest experiences of self I have ever had have been dancing to epic music under the stars at festivals. My primary purpose is to facilitate those same experiences for others, to help them better know what lies within, to channel the passion and achieve their dreams.

Last words?

Kanizzle – Super stoked for this homecoming show, I know a ton of dear friends are going to be there Saturday night….and for those that can’t make it, I love you soooo so much! OH, and thank you OLM for taking the time to talk to us!

Dubvirus – Thank you to OLM for taking the time to get to know us, and to the DC fam for hosting me. I’m incredibly excited and honored to be welcomed back for what will only be my second performance ever in DC. Rest assured I am going to bring it hard for you guys!

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